Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tomorrow I plan to tackle Rogers

Long story short. Rogers is my cellphone provider. I have an HTC Dream. I've had 4 other HTC Dreams. This is my FIFTH HTC DREAM... The first two would randomly turn themselves off. The next three will randomly have times where I cannot receive or send texts or calls. I currently have two with me right now. My own, and my friends old one he let me try to see if its better.

Last time I called they told me they wouldn't replace my phone with a new one because they "knew" my sim card was for sure an old one (I got it new with the phone less than a year ago) so, eventhough I knew it was new, i went out and got a NEW NEW sim card. After a few hours same old problems.

Tomorrow I plan on calling rogers in hope of a whole new phone. Not a shitty HTC Dream again... With standby battery life of less than 24 hours. Horrible internet speed. and overall terrible texting and calling reliability.

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