Sunday, September 19, 2010

All Worked Up

I saw this show late last night. I think it's great. Scripted or not, its wonderful entertainment in my opinion

the wiki sum up of this show is.. "The show goes on the job with repossession agents, process servers, code enforcement agents, traffic cops, bouncers, security guards and others who work in jobs that can end up in conflict situations when dealing with angry people."

So, Please enjoy this first clip of the show, if you click on it, you can find a lot more from the same youtube user.


  1. The last 2mins of that video was freaking HILARIUS!

    Being a Repo Man is one dangerous occupation.

  2. Yeah, Sure looks dangerous, If you like it you should def. check out the other videos. a lot more funny ones

  3. Haha that is hilarious, looking forward to seeing more vids

  4. I'll make sure to watch this when I get some time.