Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two CFL videos

I am Canadian, So I watch the CFL. Please NO BASHING LEAGUES. I don't care if you like NFL or CFL better, or think CFL sucks. Keep that off the comments please. I personally watch CFL more, but I even love NFL and American College football.

Without further text. Heres the first video

Toronto would have gotten a touchdown here, which could have turned the whole game around. But this guy just didn't hang onto the ball.

Second video:

Winnipeg makes a huge hit on Saskatchewan after a QB scramble's and barely gets the ball away. It would have been a Winnipeg fumble and touchdown if not for the horsecollar tackle that brought it back.

Random info: The Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg game this video was from is officially dubbed "The Banjo Bowl" which always follows the Labour Day Classic, played in Saskatchewan.

I hope you guys enjoy this video.. And please, again.. No bashing in the comments please.

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